LTO Flash!

The Ultimate Intellivision Flash Multicart
Custom Gatefold Box
Custom Cartridge Shell
Full Color Manual
Hologram Serial Number Label


1-Feb-2021: We're shipping again! We are, however, down to the last 80 or so cartridges.

LTO Flash! Is Back!

This page is for everyone who contacted me before LTO Flash! was back "in print." I want to be sure everyone who expressed interest gets their chance to order now, before I update the main page.

If you contacted me on both AtariAge and via email, please let me know your AtariAge handle, so I can connect email addresses to AtariAge handles. Thanks!

Attention: New email address for direct orders! Direct orders go to

Regular Edition Only

There is no official timeline for the Special Edition, and no waiting list for the Special Edition. If you need an LTO Flash!, I recommend ordering now. The Special Edition will be very limited.

Ordering Information

  • Canadian Orders: Steve Jones is collecting an interest list for Canadian customers. Email Steve at to get on the list.

  • European Orders: Email Pascal Bernard at or contact on Facebook to purchase within Europe.

  • Australian Orders: Elektronite will redistribute LTO Flash! from a timezone that's little closer to yours. Contact me for further details. Thanks!

  • US Reseller: Email Good Deal Games at Good Deal Games may take payment options that I don't currently accept.

  • Direct orders: $129.00 USD + Shipping & Handling
    • For orders within the US, add $10 USD for USPS Priority Mail. I can fit 1 or 2 per box, so 1 unit is $139 total, and 2 units are $268 total.
    • For international orders, contact for shipping & handling cost. If possible, contact one of my international resellers.
    • I accept check, money order, Chase QuickPay, ClearXchange, Zelle, international money order and international bank transfers. International transactions must be in US currency.

      For QuickPay, ClearXchange, and Zelle, use as the recipient address. Thanks!

  • To purchase direct with check or money order, send to

            Joseph Zbiciak
            P.O. Box 3277
            Alviso, CA 95002-3277

    • Make all checks and money orders payable to  Joseph Zbiciak.
    • Include your email address with your order so I can contact you if necessary.
    • International direct orders must use an international money order denominated in US Dollars.
    • When ordering directly, please also contact me at (Note new email address!)

  • Bulk orders: If you'd like to purchase LTO Flash! in bulk to resell, contact me at

  • Note: I am not able to honor requests for specific serial numbers.
Cartridge Hardware, Firmware & Software:    Joe Zbiciak
PC & Mac GUI:     Steve Orth
Box & Manual Artwork:    KLAY
Testing & Feedback:    David Frost, Steve Orth, Gary Magnan, Arnauld Chevallier, Michael Bergeron, William Moeller
Special Thanks:    Chad Schell
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