LTO Flash!

The Ultimate Intellivision Flash Multicart
Custom Gatefold Box
Custom Cartridge Shell
Full Color Manual
Hologram Serial Number Label


  • Enough capacity to hold the entire Intellivision game library several times over!
  • Load up your LTO Flash! with all your games, and carry them all with you on just one cart!

  • Compatible with all Intellivision Master Components
  • Compatible with ECS and Intellivoice peripherals
  • Compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM systems
  • Compatible with all the original games and prototypes, and every homebrew we've tried
  • Full speed USB 2.0
    • 2Mbps peak transfer rate
    • Serial connection available to new Intellivision programs
  • 32MB flash storage built in!
    • Corruption-resistant journaled filesystem
    • Minimum 2,000,000 Erase/Write cycles
    • 20 year data retention, typical
    • Maximum 1MB file size
    • Maximum 128 folders, 1536 files, and 3072 forks
    • No SD card necessary. All the storage for all the games is built in!
  • 1MB RAM (512K x 16-bits)
    • Emulates RAM, ROM, and WOM
    • Supports ROMs up to 512K words (1024K bytes)
    • Supports all known Intellivision banking/page-switching modes
  • Transparent Intellivision II compatibility fixes
    • Most 3rd party ROMs play on Intellivision II consoles without modification
    • Can be disabled manually to allow testing new homebrews in development for maximum console compatibility.
  • Transparent ECS compatibility fixes
    • Play nearly all your games while leaving the ECS attached!
    • Bypass the ECS title screen automatically
    • Enable the ECS to use ECS BASIC or to test new homebrews in development for maximum hardware compatibility
  • JLP Accelerator support for new game programs
    • Multiply / divide accelerator
    • CRC-16 generation
    • Random number generation
  • JLP Flash Save Game support
    • Up to 1MB save area per game
  • Field upgradeable via firmware updates

Each Shrinkwrapped Package Contains...

  • LTO Flash! cartridge in custom translucent bright-orange shell
  • Full color glossy manual
  • Custom gatefold box with hologram serial number

Ordering Information

  • Dec 30th, 2020: Available soon! I am currently contacting everyone who has already expressed interest while we were out of stock to let them know how to purchase. Once I have contacted everyone, I will put ordering information here.

    I have purchasing options lined up in Europe and Canada in addition to an online reseller in the US. I will also make direct sales.

    Note: I have received many emails expressing interest. I am going through all of them now.

  • Direct orders: Available soon! $129.00 USD + Shipping & Handling
    • For orders within the US, add $10 USD for USPS Priority Mail
    • For international orders, contact for shipping cost. If possible, contact one of my international resellers.
    • I can fit two per box. The same shipping cost applies for 1 or 2 units.
    • I accept check, money order, Chase QuickPay, ClearXchange, Zelle, international money order and international bank transfers. International transactions must be in US currency.

Downloads and Documentation

Cartridge Hardware, Firmware & Software:    Joe Zbiciak
PC & Mac GUI:     Steve Orth
Box & Manual Artwork:    KLAY
Testing & Feedback:    David Frost, Steve Orth, Gary Magnan, Arnauld Chevallier, Michael Bergeron, William Moeller
Special Thanks:    Chad Schell
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